Lifetime Updates and GPS

Most GPS units manufacturers offer the possibility to add lifetime updates for you unit, but is it really worth spending the money? To answer this question, let us consider the disadvantages of not updating the maps on your GPS.

As you can see everyday around you, infrastructure is in continuous growth and change. Streets, bridges, buildings are constantly being built and demolished to make room for more constructions. If you live in a small town, it may be easy to find your way without a GPS or a map, but large cities can be something of a mousetrap once you’ve taken the wrong turn. Long trips with your car across the state are even more chancy if you’re not abreast with the latest changes, and the risk of driving for hours before hitting a dead end is higher.

The GPS unit functions based on the signals sent by an orbiting satellite system that delivers an accurate position of the GPS on the globe, but it also needs a mapping system. With all the changes in infrastructure we mentioned above, owning a GPS unit that hasn’t got its maps updated is just like using a several years-old map. An outdated mapping system will possibly lead to wrong routes, traffic jams, and even speed tickets.

The market today offers two ways of updating the maps on your GPS. One is purchasing the updates individually every year, and another one is getting a lifetime updates package along with your unit from the manufacturer. The first option might prove to be better if you change your vehicles and your gear often, and for the short run, it will cost you less money.

However, with the immense amount of errands and the general speed of our modern lifestyles, remembering something as small as getting an update for your GPS can be easily neglected, getting you in undesirable situations when you most rely on its accuracy.

Furthermore, a lifetime update package will save you the trouble of remembering and making the purchase every year, and will cost you less that a yearly update in the course of several years.

In conclusion, sometimes, the commitment might be the best choice, but it all depends on your way of living, and the way you use your vehicle.

Here’s a short video on how you can update maps for a Garmin device: